Get Your Life in Harmony

Design a Life Plan that Supports Your Purpose and Passion



Are you constantly feeling overwhelmed with a never-ending to-do list?

Are you feeling like being “Superwoman” all the time is a bit overrated?

Do you have a super busy lifestyle, but don’t feel like you have a life?


Well, it’s time to get your entire life in harmony.

It’s a noble endeavor to try to be ALL THINGS for EVERYONE.  We all want to be liked and respected by our peers, to feel loved and needed by our family, and to be regarded as essential and indispensable at work or in our business.

But, at what cost?


Wouldn't it be much more rewarding to:

  • Better manage stress so that you can stay focused and get more done 

  • Be able to confidently and assertively say “NO” to things that don’t serve you and “YES” to the things that bring your heart joy

  • Set healthy boundaries that align with what’s most important to you and don’t compromise your values

  • Stop doubting yourself so you can move boldly and intentionally in the direction of your goals

  • Prioritize self-care without feeling like you are letting other people down by building yourself up

    • YOUR HOST: Cassandra

      Hi, I’m Cassandra. I help professional women say “No” to the “busy” lifestyle so that you can say “Yes!” to a productive and fulfilling life. In order to do this I help you navigate a path to your greatness.
      My background and education is in Leadership, but my experience helping women balance their personal and professional lives is through coaching and supporting numerous women as they break through their own glass ceilings to live the lives of purpose they desire.
      I believe that life is precious and we get to choose how we live our lives. Our time here is not guaranteed and I am focused on living a life touching the hearts of others. I focus on working with thoughtful and kind people to have more open and honest conversations, fostering greater understanding and respect in order to create healthy boundaries and be the person God created us to be.

    Your harmonious life hangs in the balance – that sweet spot where you, your work life, home life, and social life all work together for your good.

    In this Masterclass, I will teach you the 5 SHIFTS YOU NEED TO MAKE to reclaim your time, regain control of your life, and relieve yourself of the obligation of trying to be what everyone else wants you to be. 

    You’ll leave this Masterclass with newfound confidence and direction in how to navigate the extremely busy times in your life without feeling completely overwhelmed.  Learn how to smartly and efficiently manage the things you must do, prioritize and delegate the rest, and create space to take care of YOU.


    "Working with Cassandra in our coaching group has been a very beneficial experience. She challenges us to stretch, encourages us to go deeper and acknowledges where we are in the moment. Cassandra also has a great sense of humor which is very helpful when we go deeper into tough areas. As a professional and a coach myself, I have enjoyed interacting with Cassandra. She welcomes those of us who are coaches to be true participants and she also allows us to share our thoughts on a professional level. She is a pleasure to work with."

    – M Porchia

    "I highly recommend Cassandra as a life and career coach. In our work together focusing on career development and developing more balance between work and life, she's provided exceptional value in her ability to assess situations quickly.   She offers concrete tools, processes, and plans of action to enable successful growth, change, and resilience. I've achieved challenging career objectives, improved personal and professional relationships, and found greater balance in my life."



    – K Hill

    "Cassandra is an excellent and an amazing coach, she is dedicated and committed to her passion and she it shows in her work. Cassandra has encouraged, supported and pushed me past my comfort zone and continues to hold me accountable and I think that is what really makes our co-creative relationship really work. She is caring and understanding but at the same time she won't hold back and that is what makes her authentic and genuine in her efforts."



    – A Green


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